Applicants who are all preparing UPSC CDSE must go through this question papers for practice. Applicants can get an exact idea about the exam pattern. Candidates can download the Previous year Question Paper for the UPSC CDSE from the given direct link below..


UPSC CDSE Question Paper:

UPSC CDSE 2020 Question PapersLink
UPSC CDSE 2020 Elementary MathematicsClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2020 EnglishClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2020 General KnowledgeClick Here

UPSC CDSE 2019 Question PapersLink
UPSC CDSE 2019 Elementary MathematicsClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2019 EnglishClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2019 General KnowledgeClick Here

UPSC CDSE 2018 Question PapersLink
UPSC CDSE 2018 Elementary MathematicsClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2018 EnglishClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2018 General KnowledgeClick Here

UPSC CDSE 2017 Question PapersLink
UPSC CDSE 2017 Elementary MathematicsClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2017 EnglishClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2017 General KnowledgeClick Here

UPSC CDSE 2016 Question PapersLink
UPSC CDSE 2016 Elementary MathematicsClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2016 EnglishClick Here
UPSC CDSE 2016 General KnowledgeClick Here